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    More than 1500 companies in UAE. Rules and regulations for conducting business from Dubai are among the most liberal.
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    Providing Consultancy for Business set up in United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates is known around the world for the excellent business opportunities it offers.
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We are one stop service company to set up all your business needs in UAE

First Step Corporate Services is a team of professional business consultants who focus on proving a wide array of management services to individuals and companies. We assist our clients to combine industry expertise, intellectual property and technology by adhering to the highest international standards of quality in order to improve their business performance and achieve authentic results.

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Our keys to delivering successful projects lies in our ability to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skill within the provisions of the existing regulations with particular focus on Dubai and rest of the Emirates.

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With First Step Business Solutions you can rest assured that your experience will be hassle-free and handled with the utmost of professionalism. Our client services are of the highest standards and each of our clients feel like they are our ONLY client.


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Our Business Consulting Services

Some of our most valued business consulting services include the following:

Business Setup

Perhaps the greatest challenge relating to a business is setting it up, as the same involves handling several challenges. Despite that, the UAE has emerged as a favourite destination for setting up businesses in recent decades. If you too would like to set up a business, it's best to take the services of a consultancy service. As the best business set-up consultants in the Emirates, we will only be too pleased to have a chance to serve you.

Setting Up a Mainland Company

You might also require the services of business set up consultants for setting up a mainland company. It is an onshore company that has been licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the Emirates and thus is allowed to do business in the local market as well as outside UAE without any regulatory restrictions. As top business consultants in UAE, First Step Group can help you get the desired license from DED and set up the company in an expedient way.

10 Year Golden Visa Services

We also offer various types of visa services, including assistance for all types of visas and 10-year Golden Visa Services. Golden Visa is a special type of visa that allows its holder a restriction-free life in the Emirates. The Golden Visa is valid for ten years, and one can request a reissue at the end of the period. 

PRO Services

With globalization, the movement of labour has increased manifold, and the UAE is one of the biggest attractions for skilled labour. However, businesses must also deal with countless rules and laws, from visas to passports. It is only sensible to use the services of a business consulting agency in Dubai for this purpose, and the First Step Group is just the right agency for you.

Accounting and Auditing Services

It is also best to go for a business consulting company in UAE that can also provide you with accounting and auditing services like VAT Registration, Corporate Tax Registration, VAT Filing, AML, internal audit, external audit, compliance audit, business acquisition services, etc. First Step Group has a holistic package providing all these and many more accounting and auditing services.

Office Arrangements

One of our most popular business consulting services is the arrangement of offices and office facilities. First Step Group can help you establish a local office - your own, in shared spaces, or a virtual office. Further, we can assist you in getting any office supplies your business may require so that you can focus on your core operations.

Bank Account Opening (Corporate and Personal) 

Opening a bank account in the UAE – whether it is a personal or corporate account- is not easy.   Bank account opening services for both the individuals and corporate sector is also one of our most valued business consulting services. Under this service, we first take stock of our client’s requirements and then set up a meeting in which they can meet a banker who can meet all their requirements. We further provide assistance at every step along the way to make the whole process hassle-free.

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Two of the most valuable services provided by business setup consultants in Dubai are market studies and feasibility studies. Whether a business is entering a new market or intending to expand in an existing market, it will do well to ascertain the demand in the market and its possible competitors. It is also sensible to get an idea of the feasibility of any such risky venture - and that's where market research and feasibility studies come in. First Step Group conducts holistic research and studies according to your instructions or requirements. As leading business consultants in UAE, we provide our clients with valuable information that shall help them make informed decisions on such questions.

Corporate Governance Advisory

Some of our most popular business consulting services can be categorized as corporate governance advisory. These include advisory on all aspects of various corporate structuring and negotiating decisions, matters relating to international business practices, debt recovery, as well as foreign exchange contracts.

Corporate IP Management Advisory

Increasingly, the most valuable corporate assets are no longer some expensive pieces of machinery but something far more abstract and intangible - knowledge. This knowledge is preserved in the form of Intellectual Property or IP rights like patents, trademarks, design patents, Research and Development (R&D) agreements, etc. As the top business consulting agency in Dubai, First Step Group provides advisors relating to all these as well as services relating to licensing agreements and franchising. We can also assist you with the sale or purchase of technology as well as royalty agreements.

Merger and Acquisition Management

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) often bring a critical period for a business. Mergers and acquisitions can make or destroy businesses, and as the best business set up consultants, we ensure that you end up on the right side. From checking the agreements and commendations to reimaging the operations of businesses, First Step Group can do all that for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a powerful marketing strategy for businesses in recent times with the increased prevalence of the Internet. Unlike some other strategies, it is effective, easy to set up (especially if you take the services of good business setup consultants in Dubai), and is comparatively inexpensive. It involves a referral program that promises commissions to those third parties (affiliates) who successfully refer services or products to your potential clients, thus leading them to your website and converting them into your customers.

As a premier business consulting company in UAE, First Step Group can help you develop potent marketing content to avail to your affiliates, help create an effective system where periodic and affiliate reports can be generated, promote the program, or analyse your existing program for scope for improvement.

Arrangement of Trusted Local Sponsor or Local Agent for Companies

One of the essential services provided by business setup consultants in Dubai is an arrangement of trusted local sponsors or local agents. UAE's Commercial Companies Law and Civil Law require local sponsors or nominee shareholders who hold a minimum of 51 percent of the company shares. On the other hand, for the formation of professional and representative offices, local agents have to be UAE nationals who are to be paid an annual fee. First Step Group can help you find trustworthy sponsors or local agents easily.

ISO Certification

International Standard Organisation (ISO) certification shows to your customers that your products are of superior quality. As a global quality standard, it is recognized by people around the planet. Getting ISO certification requires maintaining a high standard of business operation, the right documentation, and much more; it is thus best to take the service of business consultants in UAE for the same and First Step Group is the perfect option.

Please note that these are only some of the services provided by our business consulting company in UAE, and we provide several other services as well, including availing shelf companies, directorship services, Liquidating services, international visas, etc. So, if you need any services from a business consulting agency in Dubai, UAE, just contact us.