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First Step Group Offering Premium Services for Business Setup in Dubai

Entrepreneurs have often been called the engines of the economy, and businesses are its hearts and blood. Most commercial activities start with people with an excellent idea deciding to run with it by starting a business. However, gone are the days when starting a business was something as simple as renting premises and opening a shop - nowadays, business setup in Dubai, in particular, and UAE, in general, has become far harder as there are so many activities that have to be taken care of.

You need not worry as First Step Group is here to help you with all the challenges you may face as you go for your business set up in UAE:


How we will help you?

PRO Services The most valuable resources for every business are human resources, and nowadays, businesses are looking for the best employees from around the world. However, that also means that businesses must deal with the hassle of having to deal with all the migration laws, visas, passports, etc. However, with our PRO business setup services in Dubai, you will find it all a piece of cake.

Accounting and Auditing Services As one of the best business set up companies in Dubai , we also provide accounting and auditing services like internal audits, external audits, VAT registration, Corporate TAX Registration, compliance audits, business acquisition services, etc.

Mainland Dubai Company Registration Dubai is emerging as an attractive business destination, and thus, it is hardly surprising that more and more businesses are going for Dubai company registration. However, setting up a mainland company. A mainland company is actually an offshore company that has received a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the Emirates.

Dubai company registration in this way is desirable as it allows businesses to access local markets freely without any regulatory restrictions.

The process of company formation in Dubai in this way can be harder for new businesses, and that is why First Step Group’s company registration services are among its most popular services.

First Step Group Simplifies Dubai Company Formation and Bank Account Opening

Arrangement of Trusted Local Sponsor or Local Agent for Companies and representative offices 

Another important part of company setup in Dubai, and often a difficult one, is finding a trusted local sponsor or local agent. According to the UAE’s Commercial Companies Law and Civil Law, every company should have local sponsors or nominee shareholders who must hold a minimum of 51 percent of the company shares for company formation in Dubai. While professional or representative offices don’t require local sponsors, they need local agents, who have to be paid an annual fee. Both the local agent and local sponsor must be UAE nationals.

Finding them can often be challenging for people with few contacts in India, and that is why it is one of our most popular business setup services in Dubai.

Corporate Governance Advisory

Apart from the registration of the company, we also provide advisory and other services relating to other stages of company formation in Dubai. One such service is assistance in setting up a strong corporate governance framework, including structuring, decision negotiations, assistance with international business relations and foreign exchange contacts, debt recovery, etc.

Office Arrangements

You cannot say company setup in Dubai until you have an office, and arranging office and various office facilities can be distracting to the management of a business still finding its roots. As one of the best business set up companies in Dubai, First Step Group lets you avoid this distraction by assisting you in establishing a local office - which can be your own, in shared spaces, or a virtual office from scratch or by availing you whatever supplies your business may need.

Affiliate Marketing Consultation Services

Affiliate marketing is fast becoming a crucial element for business setup in Dubai. It is considered one of the most effective marketing strategies, often costing only when it is bringing you leads and revenue. However, a business must first set up an affiliate marketing program that attracts people to become affiliates and refers people to your enterprise. First Step Group can assist you in doing exactly that and thus give a boost to your business set up in UAE.

Merger and Acquisition Management

Next to company formation in Dubai, mergers and acquisitions are often the biggest events in the life of a corporation. First Step Group can provide you with consultancy services regarding various aspects of mergers and acquisitions including assistance with contracts to restructuring of operations and reimaging business setup in Dubai.

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Nowadays, information is the most valued asset for many businesses, and often that information is gained by studying and researching the market, especially during business set up in UAE. However, for most businesses, market research and feasibility studies are hard as they might not have the requisite talent, and it may divert too many of their resources.

Other Services by First Step Group to Make Business Setup in Dubai Easy for You

The above list of business setup services in Dubai is hardly exclusive; First Step Group provides several other services, including the following:

Corporate IP Management Advisory

ISO certification

Shelf companies - a powerful tool for company setup in Dubai
Opening bank accounts

Directorship services for business set up in UAE
Liquidating services

In short, we can provide you with 360-degree services from business setup in Dubai to the end of the company’s life cycle. This holistic package makes us the best among all the business set up companies in Dubai.

Further, First Step Group provides all these services at the best prices in the market, and they are provided by experts in their respective fields. So, going with our business setup services in Dubai gets you professional assistance at every step of business setup and yet leaves you free to focus on the core operations of your business.

Are you looking for some other business setup services in Dubai? Contact us to learn what we can do for you, and if you are looking forward to a business set up in UAE, make your life easy by taking our services.

Business set up in Dubai requires you to take care of several business processes such as,
  • Identifying the nature of business and business activity,
  • Selecting the right business location,
  • Understanding the business legal structure
  • Registering the trade name
  • Recruiting qualified and skilled staff
  • Meet compliance and government approval requirements, and
  • Getting licensed appropriately.
As you can see, a business set-up in Dubai requires experts strategizing and efficient management of multiple processes at once. This is why the best option is to hire a business consultant for your business set-up project. An expert business consultant has the experience and connections that can help you reduce risks and ensure efficient set-up for your business.

The stages of business set-up may differ according to the industry, scale, and nature of the business. Here are some of the common stages relevant for most medium and large-scale businesses in Dubai-
  • Identifying the nature of business and its core activity
  • Registering a trademark
  • Choosing the right location for business operations
  • Understanding transportation, production, and other operational requirements
  • Draft an MOA and Obtain a Business License
  • Open a bank account
  • Structure and conduct hiring processes for different compartments of the business structure
  • Kick-start operations and ensure steady functioning

For more detailed information about business set-up in Dubai, contact us at First Step Group business consulting, and our experts will take you through every stage, providing in-depth details and addressing all your concerns fully.

The best location for business setup in Dubai depends on the nature and scale of your business. The government has approved the entire Dubai mainland region for commercial business use. So, it is being preferred by most companies as it provides direct access to Dubai markets. Some of the most popular business locations in Dubai are Deira, Business Bay, and Shaikh Zayed Road. Dubai Free Zones are also a great opportunity for business set-up. Free Zones offer several benefits like 100% foreign ownership, tax benefits, the latest infrastructure, easy business set-up processes, and 100% repatriation of profits and capital. The best Free Zone locations for business set-up in Dubai are Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

Documents and legal requirements differ greatly according to the nature of the business. Licensing and other requirements are determined by the UAE government according to industry, scale, business processes, manufacturing details, infrastructural requirements, etc. Here's a list of common document requirements for businesses in the UAE-
  • A complete application, with correct information about the investors and the nature of business. 
  • A complete business plan
  • Original existing trade licenses and registration
  • Original passport and passport copies of all proprietors and shareholders
  • Civil companies, Limited liability companies, public shareholding companies, or private shareholding companies must also provide a Memorandum of Association. For sole proprietorship companies, the proprietor must produce a Legal Service Agent Agreement. 
  • Copy of Lease Contract
  • Approval from other government entities

For more accurate details about the required documents for your business, contact us at First Step Group, and we’ll analyse your business to provide a more precise list of required documents.

The Dubai Government has taken several measures to streamline business setup and licensing processes, allowing business owners to start a business in just a few weeks. However, with a professional business consultant like The First Step Group, you can get your business started in just a few days to a week. Our experts have years of experience in the industry, along with an in-depth understanding of the legal requirements and set-up processes. Due to this extensive knowledge about business set-up in Dubai, we can expedite the set-up process and get your business registered within a few days.

Dubai is currently a global business hub with rapid developments and technological advancements in every field and industry in the country. So, one of the major benefits of registering your company in Dubai, is that in Dubai, your business will get global exposure and access to a world-class clientele. Dubai also offers a highly convenient and hassle-free business set-up process with highly experienced service providers and business consultants who company registration and operation seamless for you. Other major benefits of registering a company in Dubai are,
  • Greater Business Security
  • Higher Standard of Living
  • Tax Benefits
  • Free Zone Benefits
  • Better Connectivity and Availability of Third-Party Services
  • Supportive Government Activities
  • Higher Growth Potential and Success Rate

Yes, one of the most attractive features of business setup in Dubai is that you don’t even need a residence visa to start a company here. However, a residence visa will be required to operate the company in Dubai. So once the company is set up, you can apply for a residence visa and carry out business activities in Dubai effortlessly.

First Step Group acts as your one-stop solution for all your business setup requirements in UAE. We have a wide range of services including Company Registration Processing, PRO services, Accounting and auditing services, Market Research and Feasibility Studies, Location and office Arrangement, Certification & Licensing Requirements, and Compliance. So, with our set of services, we cover the entire business setup and management spectrum for you. Now you can choose any service you require or just let us know about your company ideas and goals and our experts will formulate a customized plan of services for you. In short, we help you reduce risks, streamline setup, optimize operations, and ensure business growth and steady availability in the UAE.

First Step Group is a leader in business setup and consulting with years of experience handling business setups in the UAE business landscape. We are the first choice for business setup in UAE because with us, our clients experience 100% hassle-free services, quick registration, highly accurate research, efficient strategizing, and overall business management. We also fully customize all our services to ensure maximum performance, reduced risks, and efficient budget management. So, the list of benefits is endless when you are with First Step Group, and that makes us the best in the business.

First Step Group acts as a dedicated business consultant and advisor, ensuring your business in UAE grows steadily and meets all your short-term and long-term company goals on time. Our experts work with you at every stage of business formation, right from the initial setup and recruitment processes to continuous market and business analytics and compliance management. So, with First Step Group, your business is secure with optimized operations, quick legal processing, and precise research-based decision-making.

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