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The Dubai economy is open to everyone who can contribute to it in some way or other, which is made possible through a Golden Visa. Golden Visa is a special type of visa given to individuals who meet the requirements, and it allows them up to ten years of residency in the Emirate. Not only residency but the holder of a Golden Visa can move around and work freely in Dubai.

The UAE Golden Visa rules have brought several relaxations which has made it even easier to get this truly Golden Visa.


Perks of Getting a Golden Visa

The following are some of the perks of getting a Golden Visa:

  • The holders of Golden Visas are eligible for up to ten years of residency in the Emirate.
  • Permission to work locally is given to Golden Visa holders
  • The Dubai Golden Visa allows you to start a business with a hundred percent ownership
  • You can acquire a multi-entry permit
  • You don't need a sponsor to get the gold visa either.
  • Under the UAE Golden Visa new rules, you can also sponsor your spouse and children. That means people with family can now easily move to the UAE without having to separate from their families.
  • The holder of a Golden Visa is also able to own properties in the UAE
  • The holders of gold visas are eligible for visa-free travel in about 180 countries.
  • Dubai Golden Visa also gives you access to an extensive infrastructure, economy and lifestyle. A holder of a Golden Visa has access to Dubai's economy, education institutions, health care institutions, etc.

With all these advantages, a Golden Visa in Dubai remains one of the most popular visa options among immigrants to Dubai. It was first started by the government with the aim of attracting and retaining talented minds. Already, thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, talented professionals, and students have found their way to Dubai through a Golden Visa.

Chief Considerations for Getting a Golden Visa in Dubai

Several factors have to be considered while getting a Golden Visa, including the following:

  • The type of Golden Visa application depends on what you do for a living
  • Duration of the stay, which can be for five to ten years
  • Your Golden Visa eligibility
  • Your background
  • Nomination, if any
  • Whether you meet other requirements under the UAE Golden Visa new rules

There are a few other caveats as well, including the nationality of the individual, and the banker may also require more information. If you are an expat, just get in touch with First Step Group for this assistance.

Who can get a Golden Visa in Dubai?

If you are interested in a Golden Visa, it is sensible to check your Golden Visa eligibility. The visa is currently available in the following categories:


The UAE government's primary aim for giving Golden Visas was to boost the national economy, and entrepreneurs are engines of the economy. Thus, entrepreneurs are eligible for a Golden Visa in Dubai as long as they show a willingness to set up their business in Dubai or have intentions to expand their business in the Emirates.


Investors from other countries can easily get a Dubai Golden Visa if they are minted to start commercial operations in the Emirates or are willing to make investments in real estate or UAE banks.

Exceptionally Talented individuals

Foreigners have exhibited outstanding talents in specific fields such as research, certain arts, science, medicine, etc. and have proven themselves to be experts in their respective fields. You can also get a Golden Visa in Dubai.

Academically Gifted Students

Ambitious and promising students are also eligible for the Dubai Golden Visa as long as they have shown consistent academic performance and have proven that they are significantly gifted.

Requirements for Getting a Golden Visa 

If you fit one of these categories, you need to check further requirements for Golden Visa eligibility. First Step Group can assist you in getting a fuller idea of your eligibility or what you can do to become eligible. 

The following is a brief survey of requirements for Golden Visa eligibility for different categories:

Highly Qualified Individuals

To meet the requirements of this category, you must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Received some note-worthy awards in your field
  • Recognition from the UAE or your country's ministries through awards or certificates
  • Appreciation letter from your home country government or a certification/accreditation from the respective UAE Ministry
  • You hold a patent for an invention under your name

If you think you are eligible for a nomination for a Dubai Golden Visa from a local agency, First Step Group can help you apply for this nomination.


The requirement criteria under UAE Golden Visa new rules for this category is for directors, CEOs, and Executives who have received a minimum salary of AED 30,000 and have payslips for the past 6 months as a proof.

Doctors, researchers, and specialists

The applicants in these categories need to fulfill at least two of the following conditions to be eligible for a Golden Visa in Dubai:

  • Have 10 years or more experience in your respective fields
  • Have been recipients of note-worthy awards in their respective fields
  • Have published research in any recognized journal
  • Have held the patent for an invention


For Golden Visa eligibility, a student should be under the age of twenty-five years, have a minimum GPA of 4.8, and hold a bachelor's degree.

Some UAE Golden Visa new rules

The following are some of the chief changes made through the UAE Golden Visa new rules:

  • The new rules have changed the minimum investment requirement for investors getting Golden Visas from AED 10 million to only AED 2 million.
  • As for the minimum income requirement for entrepreneurs from their business in UAE, it too has been reduced from AED 100,000 to AED 50,000.
  • For professionals, the minimum educational requirement was reduced from a PhD to a bachelor's degree.
  • The duration of the Golden Visa has been doubled from five years to ten years.
  • Golden Visa holders are also allowed now to sponsor their spouses and children.

Chief Requirements for Getting a Golden Visa 

The following are the documents required for getting a Golden Visa in Dubai: 

  • You will have to fill out a Golden Visa application
  • A valid passport
  • A medical certificate
  • A police clearance certificate
  • Any other documents that are specific to your case, like payslips, copies of certificates, Proof of investment, employment, or talent according to the type of gold visa

Process of Golden Visa Application

The process of Golden Visa application is rather simple - you can fill out the form online or through the UAE embassy. Your best option, though, is to get in touch with First Step Group. We shall help you fill out the form and ensure that you have the necessary documentation and meet the requirements. 

Time Required for Processing the Golden Visa Application

Once the application is complete, the Golden Visa application can take from two to three months.

Application of Nomination

If you wish to have a nomination for a Dubai Golden Visa from an agency of UAE such as EDE, First Step Group can make the application on your behalf.

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